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A lot of what you hear on popular media about Forex Trading is probably not true.

A professional Forex Trader does not believe what is said unless it can be tested and proven. To succeed in the markets, you must be able to prove whether what is said out there is true or not. Otherwise, there are many sources of information which do not have the retail forex trader’s interest at heart. That is why we came up with this online training program that tries to help the online forex trader navigate through the system and emerge as a confident and consistently profitable trader.

Why ProTrader Forex Trading Course


We have been trading and also teaching others how to trade for several years now. We've had our own share of costly mistakes which we are keen to help you steer clear from. You now have the advantage to leverage on our experience as we take you from an amateur to a confident forex trading professional.


In the changing landscape of the forex trading field, we have tested and proven what works and what doesn't. We want you to develop a solid foundation of the forex market right from the onset as we believe this will help you grow confident and thereby help you become a consistently profitable trader.


As a forex trader, many odds are stuck against you. The hardest to crack is making sense of all the misinformation around. We are first experienced traders, having a desire to see fellow traders succeed. This is the passion that drives our team and led to the development of this course.

Because you deserve to shine

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“I’m amazed at how you’re able to break down complex concepts into simple ideas anyone can understand. I have learnt new skills and I’m on my way to turn them into a professional forex trading business.”


Sophia Miller

Forex Trader

“I’m now able to confidently trade forex successfully thanks to your trading course. It’s undoubtedly the best trading course I’ve taken. Thanks. “


Michael Morris

Mechanical Engineer